What is Nastent?


About Nastent

  • Can I keep wearing Nastent while awake?

    Basically, there are no problems in using Nastent during waking hours. Users can speak and drink while Nastent is inserted. However, it is recommended to avoid using Nastent longer than 10 hours. Since Nastent is designed to be used during sleep for securing the airway and preventing snoring and OSA, we recommend that it be used only during sleeping hours.

  • Does Nastent hurt when inserting?

    The sensation of insertion varies according to each person. To ensure the greatest possible comfort while maximizing the effect, the tube is made from soft material. In addition, a lubrication gel is applied to the surface to further mitigate discomfort.

  • Is there any risk of swallowing Nastent by accident?

    A nose clip (part attached to the bridge of the nose) is used to keep Nastent from entering the back of the throat or nasal cavity while being used. This nose clip is designed to be bigger than normal nostrils, which makes swallowing the device highly unlikely.

  • Can nasal diseases be caused by using Nastent?

    Generally speaking, the answer is “no.” However, you should consult a physician immediately should you feel any discomfort during use. Also, we recommend undergoing periodic examinations at the hospital where Nastent was prescribed.

  • Does Nastent make CPAP unnecessary?

    CPAP and Nastent are medical devices with different features. Please consult a physician if you are using CPAP.

  • How should I care for Nastent?

    Nastentis a disposable medical device. No special care is required.

  • What are the characteristics of Nastent?

    Nastent is a self-inserted single use medical device. It is sterilized and individually packaged. It is also very compact in size and virtually unnoticeable when inserted, so we recommend it for people requiring discretion and for people on business trips and vacations.

  • Do I need to have my nose examined? (Prior to purchase / periodic examination)

    First-time purchasers should follow the instructions of a physician and undergo a variety of examinations to confirm that there are no problems related to usage. Furthermore, the appropriate Nastent should be selected by a physician. In the case of renewal purchase, we recommend undergoing periodic examinations to confirm that Nastent is functioning effectively.

  • How do I distinguish between right and left Nastent?

    Hold Nastent with the hydrogel tip facing towards you and the two holes near the nose clip facing up. Observe on which side the nose clip is located. If the clip is on the right, the tube is inserted into the left nostril. If the nose clip is toward the left, the tube is inserted into the right nostril.

  • Are there restrictions for bringing Nastent onto an aircraft?

    There are restrictions on quantity and content as carry-on luggage. For more information, please contact the relevant airline.

  • How many boxes can I take overseas?

    The number of boxes that can be taken varies depending on the country. Please contact the embassy of the country that you plan to visit.
    Nastent is a medical device. Restrictions vary depending on the shipping destination. Please contact the embassy of the country where Nastent will be shipped.

  • I’m going to move to a foreign country. How many boxes of Nastent can I bring there with me?

    Nastent is a general medical device. Therefore, the number of boxes you can bring with you depends on the destination country. Consult the embassy of the country you are going to move to.

  • Can Nastent be used after storage in high-temperature locations?

    To prevent deterioration, store Nastent at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use Nastent if it has been stored in a high-temperature location. Use Nastent in recommended conditions to ensure that it functions properly.

  • Can Nasten tbe used after it has been frozen?

    The main ingredient of the lubricated gel is water, so it may become frozen when stored at low temperatures (below freezing). To be safe, please do not use Nastent that has been frozen, even if it has thawed naturally and there are no visible problems.

  • How should I store unopened Nastent packages?

    Please store unopened and unused Nastent at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Also, please be sure to use Nastent by the expiration date printed on the package.

Doctor’s Prescription

  • How much does an examination cost?

    Fees vary depending on the type of examination. Please contact your medical provider for further information.

  • Is Nastent covered by health insurance?

    Please contact your medical provider.

  • Am I eligible for a medical deduction?

    Please contact a tax office in your area.

  • How often are periodic examinations required?

    The cycle for periodic examinations will vary depending on your condition. Please follow the instructions of your physician. Also, if you do not feel the product is effective or if you feel uncomfortable, consult your physician.


  • Is Nastent a catheter?

    Catheter, tube, and cannula are among the names used for tubes that are general medical devices. A relatively thin and invasive tube is often called catheter — for example, a suction catheter (or tracheal cannula) which removes jammed phlegm in the trachea. Nasal airway devices such as Nastent are usually called “nasal tubes”.

  • What does the printed number on the upper corner (e.g. #18) of the package (aluminum pouch) stand for?

    The number printed on the package identifies the type of Nastent(right or left, size, and hardness) in the pouch. If you are satisfied with the current type, specify this number when you next purchase Nastent.

  • What does a number such as “No.18” printed on the box mean?

    The number printed on the box identifies the type of Nastent(right or left, size, and hardness) contained in the box.

  • What should I do if I can’t distinguish between left and right tubes?

    Hold Nastent with the curved portion of the tube facing down toward yourself, and see which direction the nose clip faces. The tube with the nose clip on the left side is for the right nostril and the tube with the nose clip on the right side is for the left nostril. Also, “right” or “left” is printed on the outer box.
    Our company logo “seven dreamers” is inscribed on the inside of the tube and will not make direct contact with your mucous membrane.

  • Is a custom-made tube available?

    We do not accept orders for non-standardized products, but since we provide 24 varieties of Nastent most users can find their perfect fit.

  • Where is Nastent manufactured?

    Nastent is manufactured at our company’s affiliated factory in China.

  • How should Nastent be disposed of (recycled)?

    Please dispose of Nastent in accordance with recycling regulations in each region.
    Main body: Plastic, stainless steel
    Outer box: Paper
    Individual package (aluminum pouch): Aluminum

  • Where is the lot number written?

    The lot number is printed on the individual package (aluminum pouch) or outer box.

Wearing Nastent

  • What does “disposable” mean?

    This means that Nastent should be used one time only. Afterwards, it should be disposed of without reuse. Also, attach Nastent immediately after opening the package. Do not leave the package open before using. Even if there are no visible problems, Nastent that have been left with the package open should not be used and should be thrown away.

  • Can I use Nastent during naps?


  • I very rarely use CPAP. Can Nastent be used together with CPAP?


  • I have allergies. Can I wear Nastent?

    Depending on the extent of allergies, it may not be possible to use Nastent. Please contact a physician and follow instructions.

  • I have a nose disorder. Can I wear Nastent?

    Depending on the condition of your nose or throat disorder, it may not be possible to use Nastent. Please contact a physician and follow instructions.

  • Can Nastent be worn by children?

    Nastent is designed for use by person age 18 years and older. It should not be used by children.

  • Can I give my Nastent to a friend who has never used Nastent before?

    Never give your Nastent to another person. Nastentwas prescribed to you based on your condition. The appropriate size and hardness varies according to each person. There is also a danger of infection due to bacteria.

  • After removing Nastent from the individual package (aluminum pouch), should I wash it before using?

    Lubricating gel has already been applied, so please use without washing.

  • About how many hours can Nastent be worn?

    Please use for no longer than 10 hours per day (night).

  • Can I eat after attaching Nastent?

    Do not eat after inserting Nastent. Doing so can cause food particles to adhere to Nastent. However, it is fine to drink fluids such as water and tea.


  • I feel pain when inserting Nastent.

    Your nasal cavity may be injured or inflamed. Refrain from using Nastent and consult a physician.

  • The lubricant gel burns inside my nostril.

    Your nasal cavity may be injured or inflamed. Refrain from using Nastent and consult a physician.

  • I find removing Nastent difficult.

    Pull the device out gently. If pulled strongly or quickly it may cause discomfort. In cases of abnormally strong discomfort, stop pulling and consult with a doctor.

  • The device was bent when I opened the package.

    The product is designed not to bend within the individual package. However, if bending occurs for some reason, the tube will return to its original shape after being removed from the pouch. In the unlikely event that it does not return to its original shape, or if it is damaged or scratched, refrain from use and contact your dealer.

  • How should I open the package?

    The correct order of steps for opening is printed on the individual package (aluminum pouch). Follow the numbers in order to open the package. 

  • What should I do if Nastent is damaged or broken prior to use?

    Refrain from use and contact your dealer.

  • What should I do if a child mistakenly swallows Nastent?

    Take the child for immediate examination at a medical institution and follow the instructions of your physician.

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Nastent is a medical device
It is a one-time use disposable medical device, and is available in six different lengths and two types of hardness.