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The fallowing will support series of flow from inquiry to prescription,
It will also reduce the burden on doctors and patients.

The starter service is provided for doctors so that they can prescribe Nastentsmoothly. The starter service promotes an appropriate treatment for sleep disorders such as snoring, uneasy sleep, frequent awakening caused by obstruction of the airway while asleep.

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  • Flow for examination, diagnosis, and fitting
Starter Manual Download
Starter Manual Download

Out line of Starter Service

01Examination and Diagnosis

Diagnosis flow
Starter Service

Diagnosis by a doctor is essential for proper use of Nastent. The starter service provides a comprehensive diagnosis flow and questionnaires which can be used in the interview so that doctors can prescribe Nastent smoothly. If you want the diagnosis flow and questionnaires, contact our sales personnel, or download here.

* Nastent is not covered by the health insurance.


Starter Service

Nastent is available in various sizes and hardness. Using a proper size is very important for effectiveness. The starter service provides the fitting manual so, that doctors can choose appropriate sizes for their patients. If you are need of the fitting manual, contact our sales personnel, or download here. During the fitting process, the patient will require self insert for the fitting process. Several pieces may be required for this fitting process.

* The free trial pieces of Nastent are provided for free until the end of March 2015. They will be provided for a charge after that.

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Nastent is a medical device
It is a one-time use disposable medical device, and is available in six different lengths and two types of hardness.
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