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The following user`s comments are originally in Japanese and translated into English.

icon 30’s/Male

  • Nastent does not hurt!

    I had quite a few misgivings about inserting a tube into my nostril even though it was a general medical device. However, I did not feel any pain when I actually inserted it and its lubricant gel allowed for smooth insertion. Just like a contact lens, the sense of discomfort soon vanished. Its nose clip prevents the tube from entering the back of the throat while asleep.

  • Wife’s concern about my OSA

    After I got married, my wife told me how noisy my snoring was and then I started worrying myself. She was also concerned about my SAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome). I doubted the effectiveness of commercial goods such as adhesive tape, and using a mouthpiece or CPAP was bothersome for me. My wife was almost wanting to sleep in a separate room.

  • Easy fitting, extremely effective!

    Just insert before going to bed, and you’re done. Nastent is safe and inconspicuous. Although it doesn’t seem as if my snoring will die down immediately, I feel like I’ve slept very well and wake up refreshed. Nastent secures the upper airway, and after you wake up, you just remove it slowly and dispose of it. It is easy to use, and I feel I can continue to use it.

  • Less drowsiness and higher concentration during the day!

    Since I can now sleep well using Nastent I feel less drowsy. Now I can maintain my concentration during driving and don’t feel drowsy as frequently as I used to. I feel a lot more relaxed and even liberated.

  • I choose Nastent

    I have been using Nastent for a while. At first, I didn’t particularly like the product, but the more I used it, the more I started to trust it. In the beginning, I thought who cares about snoring, it’s not as if it’s going to kill me, but I learned later that snoring can lead to lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, so I have continued to use Nastent and intend to go on using it.


icon 60’s/Male

  • Severe OSA

    My AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index) is at 27 and I have been using CPAP for 10 years. I often go on business trips and cannot use CPAP on a plane or in a train due to lack of power supply. When I take naps while on the move, I experience headaches and also always feel anxious about my snoring.

  • Easy to carry compact design

    Because Nastent eases the OSA just by inserting it into the nostril, it is ideal for use in places where no power supply is available or when sleeping among people. It’s compact and light, and can be easily carried with toiletries. I first used the 130 mm type, but now I’ve got used to it and am using 145 mm. For me, the longer type is more effective since it reaches the back of the tongue.


icon 30’s/Male

  • Insertion went easier than I expected

    I use Nastent in my right nostril. It took a little courage when inserting for the first time, but when I actually tried inserting, it went in smoothly. However, when I tried inserting into my left nostril, it hurt. When I had an examination, the endoscope could not enter my left nostril, so it seems the size of my nostrils may differ greatly from each other.

  • Snoring reduced

    I suffered from a runny nose and discomfort when I first tried Nastent but I am not conscious of them now. I have been told that I snore less, and I now often get up earlier than before.


icon 30’s/Male

  • Embarrassing for my wife

    I was diagnosed with moderate OSA in my early 20s and have been using CPAP. I snore very loudly, and when traveling with my wife, I tended to embarrass her with my snoring when I fell asleep in public spaces.

  • Really astonishing

    I can carry Nastent in my pocket and use it anywhere and anytime since it is really compact and light. I often move between the Kansai area and Tokyo by Shinkansen and can now sleep whenever I want to. I used to be woken up by my own snoring, and never imagined that such a simple device would enable me to sleep well. It’s really astonishing.

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Nastent is a medical device
It is a one-time use disposable medical device, and is available in six different lengths and two types of hardness.
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